Using Ai For Stock Market: Can Ai Convert My LOSS Into PROFIT?

Using Ai For Stock Market: Can Ai Convert My LOSS Into PROFIT?

We created music, videos, graphics, art, websites with AI. Has anyone used this in the stock market? let's do it then.

Know one thing. Investing in securities market is subject to market risks. Read all related documents carefully before investing. Keeping these things in mind, let us see which tools work in the stock market. And how can we make profit from it by investing and trading.

What? Are AI predictions so accurate? If there were, everyone would have been Rakesh Jhunjhunjwala. But this is true. Three types of AI tools work in the stock market. The first is the prophet. The second is the executor, who himself buys or sells shares as per your portfolio and risk appetite. This keeps your portfolio balanced and you get to enjoy new stocks. You don't have to check which one to buy and which one not to. Executors are such AI tools. For example, SignalStack. The third are advisors, who give you advice as per your portfolio. to do this. We tried many tools, some required KYC, and some did not. We were surprised. But we found only three tools for Indian stock market. We can say that this is AI in the true sense. And that too in the executor and consultant category. We found one in the prediction category.

Using Ai For Stock Market: Can Ai Convert My LOSS Into PROFIT?

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We also noticed that Predictor AI is more oriented towards the US market. He has nothing to do with SEBI. Yes, if you invest in the US market or US stocks, it is a different story. And know that Advisors AI or Executors AI category is most used in the world.

People do not believe even in the predictions of humans. So how can they trust AI so quickly? So if you want to wait then wait for OpenAI. When will it launch? But anyway it would be fun with Chat GPT. So let us know which AI tools are used to earn profits in the Indian stock market.

The first tool that will tell you which stock to buy just by looking at your face. I'm not kidding, I saw it on their homepage. Its name is Jarvis.

Using Ai For Stock Market: Can Ai Convert My LOSS Into PROFIT?

Let's get to work JARVIS. Jarvis. Hello doctor. In the beginning, Jarvis was a program that spoke human language. Now it runs the entire Iron Army. Apart from paper, this is the only company which handles the entire business. invest. Their goal is to make money with your money in the stock market. Which stock to buy? What type of stock to buy? Watch videos on YouTube, read newspapers, read articles. what not to do. Use better AI than this. But there is also a small thing in this which I have to tell you. We will know later. This tool is a perfect example of all three AI categories I told you about. Because this AI also brings new stocks and new opportunities into role. Due to which your portfolio remains balanced. Older stocks are performing well. And new stock. That's why he suggested. Will do well. And apart from this, it also has other AI and non-AI tools, which many advisory companies also do. Risk management and personalized portfolios. You will see some portfolio tracking features. But in which integration of AI gives you better suggestions to buy stocks. Which we do not see in normal tools. We have to do it ourselves. Know one thing, friends. In AI stock market, prediction is close to accurate. Close to perfect. Let's say 99.97%. Because it analyzes data. And how far will the data lie? If this is the advantage of AI tools, then this is also its limitation. It will give you a decision by looking at the data. This will also be accurate. But this will be only technical data. But if you want to do something original. Then the AI will get stuck. And it's not just about this tool.

All the tools available in the market around the world right now focus more on technical analysis. Yes, some companies also claim that we will know later. That they include the basics along with the technical. The second tool is in the category of Executive AI. Now this tool says I will give you technical and fundamental analysis. With the help of AI. Because here AI is implemented with human analysts. That means an artificial person is sitting with him. And here your portfolio is managed. Keeping in mind your risk appetite. And it is also a very famous company. Up to 50 years. Which has a product. Algo Smith. It feels like I'm giving away awards. But there is something special about this tool. Here you can take smart decisions about investments. But you can also take business decisions. By analyzing human and AI data. So get started. Hey, did anyone see the third tool? I did not see. Hey then tell me. If you want a completely trading focused AI tool. Then there is this tool. Whose name is Stock Edge. It works by analyzing charts and patterns. Which gives you investment ideas, predefined market boxes. Like Fundamental, Technical, Volume, Delivery, Future and Options etc. It creates reports from it. It creates strategies from reports. And then the biggest thing. The greatest need. It also analyzes market sentiments. Where are the Indian people going? And you can keep this tool in three categories. So what are human rights? Or do we need AI in stock market for predictions? Look, one thing is white like idli. Don't listen to anyone. Do all the research and go. Otherwise you will have to refund the fare. Very good. We used to hear this in childhood. And Indian market culture has been formed from the very beginning. Stock market is a speculation. And that's why you see very few AI tools in the stock market. Where brokerage firms, investment advisors are struggling without AI tools. Yes, I agree that development is happening very fast in India. And you will see many retail investors in recent years. And many new investors have also joined. New investors have also joined. Therefore AI can be useful for them. But you are also intelligent. By the way, what are your thoughts? you can share. If we look at the American stock market, you will see many AI tools. Not a lot, but a lot. I am showing you some of the top names on the screen.

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